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Why is it so important to have a great Buyer’s Agent representing you?

In a real estate transaction, there are generally two acting agents: the Buyer’s Agent and the Seller’s Agent.

Unfortunately, many buyers today believe that the best way to buy a house is with the approach of “I’ll buy with whichever agent finds me the property.” They think that the majority of a Buyer’s Agent’s job is accomplished by finding them the right home they want to purchase and then writing an offer.

However, the method of allowing “whoever find me the property” dictate your Buyer’s Agent representation could end up putting you, the buyer, at a great disadvantage.

The Buyer’s agent must have the same knowledge, business skills and keen negotiating ability as the seller’s agent or it can cost the buyer money!

Surprisingly, when it comes to the job of the Buyer’s Agent, finding the right house for you is actually only the tip of the iceberg. Due to the Internet, any agent with a real estate license and a membership in the Multiple Listing Service can locate available properties in the Buyer’s criteria.

Add this to the fact that 85% of today’s sophisticated buyers begin their search online, and it can make you wonder just why working with an experienced and reputable Buyer’s Agent is so imperative!

A buyer agent’s most important service begins once the desired property has been found.

As a Buyer’s Agent Team, we work with a select few individuals at a time, customizing a plan to work together to find and obtain the right house for you. After we have an accepted offer, we utilize extensive resources and services, along with our own proven reputation and relationships in the real estate industry, to guide and protect you through as seamless a transaction as possible, all the while negotiating for your absolute best dollar value.

A good Listing Agent knows the advantage of working with a Buyer’s Agent that not only has an established reputation in the industry, but also is affiliated with a reputable company like Cavanaugh Realtors. Such a Buyer’s Agent gives added appeal to the buyer’s offer, sometimes factoring heavily when dollar amounts are close in multiple offer situations, because it adds to the likelihood of a successfully closed deal.

What about buying through the listing agent or his/her associate to get a better deal?

Listing agents often try to convince unrepresented buyers that they can get a better deal if they are willing to negotiate a sale directly through them.

TRUTH: it is very difficult for one agent to simultaneously represent both the buyer‘s and the seller’s interest. Listing agents often try to “steal” buyers so they can get their client, the seller, a better monetary deal, quickly, with the best possible terms FOR THE SELLER. We believe we add value by negotiating a more transparent, safe, and lower-priced deal.

So, what exactly does a buyer’s agent do once our offer has been accepted?

A Buyer’s agent’s most important service actually begins after the offer has been written. Here is what we will provide from this point forward:

  • Create as much rapport as possible with the other agent to our advantage, finding out what we can about other possible offers and the Seller’s malleability with the price, and work with you to price your offer accordingly. We don’t want you to leave an unnecessary dollar on the negotiating table.

  • Be available to you 7 days a week for questions and any concerns you may have once we have an accepted offer.

  • As houses are considered “living things,” some of them have major ailments hiding that, if not found, can lead to major surprises and therefore huge, unexpected payments for the Buyer after escrow closes.

  • It’s extremely important to investigate carefully in order to understand as much as possible about the house you are purchasing. We will guide you through the inspection process, assisting you in setting up all inspections through your choice of vendors and be present for all appointments.

  • Furnish you with an estimate of the closing costs you can expect upon the purchase of your new home.

  • Make sure all necessary documentation is delivered and signed in a timely manner.

  • Provide appropriate copies to Cavanaugh Realtors management for their review as soon as practical in compliance with the law.

  • Examine escrow instructions for accuracy and instruct escrow to adjust or amend any necessary documentation according to your needs.

  • Keep in close contact with your lender to help insure as smooth a transaction as possible.

  • Guide and assist in the negotiation process of repair requests.

  • Keep you fully aware of all contingency removal time frames.

  • Make sure that termite and retrofit work is completed according to the city as well as contractual requirements and that you receive a statement of completion if applicable.

  • Go over the Natural Hazard Report with you as well as making sure that all other disclosures are received from and signed by the seller, for your protection.

  • Review the Preliminary Title Report and discuss any problems with a Title Officer to help avoid any last minute surprises.

  • Secure periodic updates from escrow and make sure you are aware of any potential delays.

  • Make sure that all keys and garage doors openers are transferred to you after Title has recorded.

  • Be available to you long after closing to help with any questions you may have regarding your new home!


It is our intention to successfully see you through not only the first transaction, but to become a continuing real estate resource to you in the future. From house search to escrow and beyond, we hope to develop a real estate relationship for life!

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