Why staging your home is so important and the tips & tricks to doing it right

So you've decided to sell your home and you know you have way too much stuff and no idea where to even begin. You are not alone! There are a number of factors you should consider to make your home as appealing to a large number of potential buyers as possible.

For starters you have to declutter everywhere possible and depersonalize the space. Remove all of your personal family photos you have hanging on the walls everywhere and remove all the excess decor & collectibles. This doesn't mean that you move all of this to your garage and fill that space up even more. Invest in a storage unit somewhere and get as much out as possible. If you have oversized furniture in the living room and bedrooms for example, consider removing them for the open house and before your real estate agent schedules a professional photographer to come in and shoot the photos for your listing. If you have old dingy carpet, consider replacing it. If you have hardwood flooring under the carpet, look at having the floors sanded and re-stained. It will make your house look like new!

Two things make it hard for buyers to pull the trigger on writing an offer on a home. When a home feels claustrophobic and when it's empty. Empty feels cold and clutter makes them want to run out the front door. Most buyers have a difficult time imaging what your space will look like with their furniture in it.

Staging your home is a great way to show off what you have in the very best way possible and to maximize the impact it will have on a potential buyer. When a home is staged it's clean, simple and makes the space feel open and inviting. As real estate professionals, we have years of experience assisting clients with this process. We add value by assisting clients with hiring the right staging company that fits their needs, space, and budget.

Next, hire a landscaping professional to ensure that your home has curb appeal. With the drought in California, a lot of residents have been neglecting their lawns and understandably so. Invest in California native landscaping, which can be simple, but nice. It's amazing how much this matter when it comes to what a buyer might offer you as a seller. The goal is to get offers over asking price and to sell the property in your set timeline!

Next, remember that much like relationships...it's all about the first impression! When a buyer walks into your home, they don't want to smell your dog, cat, or your kids sports gear in the closet. Hire a professional cleaning crew to deep clean the entire house from top to bottom. Tidy up your drawers and cabinets, as well as the refrigerator. During open houses, people do tend to test how the drawers work in the kitchen and will open the refrigerator. Don't leave anything accessible that you might be embarrassed about some stranger seeing. Organize all the closets in the house. Neat and tidy always wins!

Lastly, put on the final touches. Fresh cut flowers in areas you deem fit, lightly scented candles, and fresh white towels folded oh so neatly in the bathrooms. Don't forget to replace that old sun damaged welcome mat outside the front door. Make the buyers feel like they are walking into a five star hotel and ensure they never want to leave! I promise you this will pay off.

Your work doesn't stop once the open house is finished. Keeping up with the cleaning is so important. Buyers will want to see your home at random times throughout the day, so make sure the entire family pulls their weight to keep everything neat and tidy. It's exhausting some days when you are rushed to get out the door in the morning, but you will benefit from it in the end. Lastly, consider that beloved furry family member. During open houses and showings, I would recommend that you remove the pet from the home. Not everyone loves pets the same way us pet lovers do!! Not to mention, you don't want to risk someone accidentally letting the pet get out a door somewhere.

Now go sell your house like an expert and make it stand out amongst the competition!

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