What's the value of my home?

Pricing a home is an art not a science. Any property value is dependent on what a buyer will pay. Nothing more and nothing less. Pricing it correctly from the very beginning is vital for you the seller.

We are asked several times a week, "what do you think my house is worth?" That questioned is followed by, "I looked up my house on Zillow and it tells me my home is with $X." First, Zillow and other online evaluation companies are only able to take into consideration certain things when providing you with that number. They aren't able to know or understand why your neighbor one block down from you sold for $200k under market. It could be that they were very motivated sellers or had some financial burden that required a quick sell. Additionally, they can't see deficiencies or defects in a property. My advise is to take these online evaluations with a grain of salt.

As real estate professionals, it's our job to see all the homes on the market and understand why a property isn't selling or why there will likely be twenty offers on a listing in the first two days. It's vital that you as a seller hire the right agent to assist you with listing your home to provide you with all of the necessary information that will allow you to determine the listing price. Often clients believe that their home is worth more than what the market deems. That's pride in ownership! Pricing your home too high out of the gate simply sets you up for low ball offers and for the potential of having to lower the price down the road. It happens all the time where sellers will list with an agent who simply agrees with their price, but knows it won't sell that high. Trust the agent who isn't afraid to be candid with you. It will make you like much easier.

If you have questions about the listing process and would like to have us give you a free market evaluation, please give us a call. We will set you up for success and answer any of your questions!

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