Buying a Home is Like Dating: Consider Us Your Matchmakers

When a buyer first starts out looking for a home, it's usually with guns blazing! They want to see this house and that house, on Redfin & Zillow day and night sending listings to us as their agents, saying "what about this one"? Just because something looks cute on the outside doesn't mean it is on the inside, or the surrounding area may have issues. Doesn't this sound like someone we've all dated in the past?

There is a certain kind of chemistry between a buyer and a house and its either there or it isn't. If it isn't, move on down the highway! With the market starting to slow down as we embark on the fall season inventory will be lower than usual and the process of finding that perfect place may take longer. It's very rare that a buyer will walk into the first house they see and say "that's the one"!

Make a list of things you want and things you can't live without. If you have to have three bedrooms, then that's a non-negotiable. Don't look at two bedrooms and fall in love with one online and then think about it for days wondering if you can live with a two bedroom. You've already answered that question by putting it on your list.

As your real estate duo, allow us to be your matchmakers! We're really good at listening and paying attention to what it is you want. With the parameters you give us, we will set up an automatic alert_ for any new listings that fall within your criteria and that's what we'll focus on. Redfin & Zillow feed off of the MLS database, which is what we as agents use. These websites are not always the most accurate or able to provide up-to-date information. You may see a listing and think it's still available, but in fact it's already under contract.

Make home buying an enjoyable experience. Fun is the name of the game! Don't speed date with your home buying because you will burn out: eventually wanting to settle. Stay cool, smile, and happy home buying!

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