Inexpensive Ways to Boost your Home's Value

If you're thinking about selling your home in the next six months, you might be wondering what you can do to boost its value quickly. The idea is to make as much money as you can from the sale of your home, but you may be hesitant to do the much-needed upgrades due the expense. Here are a few money-saving tips that will enhance your home's value and give it a mini makeover!

Paint is where I always suggest people start. If your home has 6 rooms and each room is a different color, now is the time to fix that before that dreaded green or red turns off any prospective buyer. A fresh coat of paint can make rooms look like new again, but be sure to choose soft and neutral colors. Lighter colors do make rooms appear larger. As you prepare each room for painting, remove any large pieces of furniture and put them in storage. Less is more!

Take advantage of any holiday weekend appliance sales and upgrade your kitchen appliances. Most homes in So Cal are sold with the appliances included. If you have a dishwasher that hasn't worked in months and none of your appliances match, then it's time to make the purchase. They don't all have to be the same brand, but make sure they are all stainless steel or all white for example.

Replace any light fixtures to make your home look more modern and up-to-date. Brighter light is key to showing off the space. A good rule of thumb is to have three different sources of light in the living area, bedrooms, and office space. Purchase inexpensive lamps at places like Ikea or TJ Maxx to enhance the space.

Look around to see if all of your electrical outlets are in tact. Replace any that may be cracked or missing. If you have a beautiful light fixture in your dining room that has been in your family for many years and you plan on taking it with you to your next home, I would advise you to replace it before the open house. Buyer's will remember fixtures and will ask about them. You will end up negotiating with them for it during the contract negotiations.

Change out door knobs that need updating. If you have mismatched handles everywhere, now is the time to update them and spruce up the space with these little touches. If your kitchen cabinets have handles and they are looking a little worn out, find some replacements and give the kitchen a mini face lift.

In today's market, the greater majority of people prefer hardwood flooring, so if your home has hardwood under the carpet, you may want to remove the carpet. Sanding and staining wood floors to make them shiny and new will really make the place pop and add a lot of value to your home.

As your real estate professionals, part of our service is to provide you with feedback and recommendations on what you may want to do before the home goes on the market. If you need trusted painters, handyman services, and etc. we have a list of preferred people that we work with that can help you with anything you don't have time to do yourself. It's a team effort to get a home ready and if you don't have much money to spend, a few simple inexpensive touches can go a long way!

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