Happy Birthday to Our Swanky !

Today is a big day! Our beloved Yorkie turns 11 years old. Swanky is not only our first baby, our trusted companion, the best assistant, a partner in crime, but a dog who never liked kids and now loves our two year old daughter. There truly aren't enough words to describe how important she's been to us her entire life.

Swanky's journey with me began when she was only ten weeks old. She weighed one pound and on her first day home with me, she decided she liked to be under my feet where she has stayed her entire life! Nothing is better than playing fetch, going for a car ride, getting a massage, basking in the sun, or being next to mom or dad. Life is simple really.

Julio entered her life almost six years ago and it was love at first sight. The first time he met Swanky, he brought her a package of small tennis balls and the rest is history! Never in his wild dreams did he ever see himself owning a Yorkie. At the time he had a border collie mix and was always fond of bigger dogs. They quickly became inseparable and one doesn't like to be away from the other!

I will never forget the phone call I got from Julio asking me if it were alright to switch out her harness and collar from pink to something more neutral. Since Julio worked from home, he took her on lots of walks and here was this guy walking the small Yorkie with pink accessories! I laughed so hard and eventually said "yes"!

Swanky was an only child until two years ago. We were so nervous about how she was going to behave towards our daughter. Her limited interactions with children caused Swanky anxiety and she would bark at the kids awkward movements. It's so amazing to see the two of them together today. Swanky puts up with her tail being pulled, our daughter trying to ride her, and being chased multiple times a day. The highlight of our daughter's day everyday is to take Swanky for a walk in the evening. She takes such pride in walking her Swantee...(that's how she pronounces Swanky's name)!

Growing up as kids we never had a constant pet in our lives. The bond that it creates is so amazing to witness between a dog and a child. Friends of mine who have kids, but no pets worry about the added responsibility of a pet in their lives. I say to all of them that it brings hours of entertainment, love, and an even bigger since of family. The world is full of bad news and challenging events, but at the end of the day a cuddle from a dog makes the day alright again.

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