9 Tips to Prepare Your Home for Fall

Very soon it will start to get dark at 5pm, which most of us hate! The evenings are now getting cooler and we can pull out our jackets and sweaters again. For those who love UGGS..wear them proudly! Fall is officially here, so let's talk about ways to prepare your home from inside out.

​Exterior List of To-Do's

- Clean out the gutters. It can be a bit messy, but you will be glad you did if it starts raining and your gutters are flowing smoothly vs. your neighbor who doesn't bother and their gutters are bending or backing up. A broom and a ladder and maybe someone to spot you is all you need. - Fix cracks in driveways or on house stucco. Don't learn this the hard way like we did, when we had the very heavy rains last winter and those miner stucco cracks by a couple of windows allowed for some rather major leaks inside our walls and into our house! Patch those babies up and you'll be so glad you did. Driveway cracks may not seem like a big deal, but if we get enough rain this year, it can cause some issues later on. - Start composting. Our lovely Chinese Elm trees in Culver City are dropping leaves like crazy already, so now is the time to accumulate some of those leaves and use your composting wisely for your yard after winter is over. - Clean outdoor furniture & gardening tools. Give your furniture a nice deep cleaning and wash any pillows or change them out to fall colors, so you can continue to enjoy the fact that you live in L.A. and you don't have to worry about snow! - Plant butterfly garden or bulbs for spring-time. If you have areas in your yard that you just don't know what to do with, go crazy and make a beautiful butterfly garden. It will add lots of color to an otherwise unappealing part of your outdoor space, as well as bring lots of beautiful butterflies for your viewing pleasure.

​​Interior Space Sprucing Ideas

- Change your filter. Now is the time to do it before you have to start using your heater at night. It's recommended to change it out every few months, provided that you buy a high quality filter with all the bells and whistles. If you buy the less expensive version, once a month does the trick. - Clean the chimney & fireplace. If you haven't had your fireplace serviced in a few years, or haven't used your fireplace in just as long, it's a good idea to have a chimney company come out to clean and inspect your fireplace & chimney to ensure that everything is looking a-ok. Now all you have to do it get some firewood ready for the few evenings coming up that it's truly cold enough to start a fire! - Inspect your window & doors for any needed repairs or adjustments. If your screens are torn, take them to a local hardware or screen repair store to have those fixed in a jiffy. Weather stripping might be needed if you have older windows or doors where drafts get it. - Safety first! Time to replace all yours smoke alarms, carbon monoxide, home security sensor batteries. Good strategy is to always change them out with every time change to make it easy to remember to do it. Plan your fire escape plan with your family and ensure that you have fire extinguishers in the areas of the house you might need them. Check your earthquake kit as well. Most kits purchased online have a 10 year shelf life, so make sure yours is current. Make sure you are stocked with water and enough food to last your family three to five days.

Now that you have all this completed, take a minute to enjoy your favorite fall meal and beverage. Cheers!

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