Tips to get ready to sell your home this summer

Tomorrow is officially the beginning of summer 2018! It takes lots of small steps to get your home ready to put on the market. Use these helpful tips to get your casa in tip-top shape, so that you can get top dollar when it sells.

1. Create Curb-Appeal

Your front yard is the first impression for any potential buyer, so if yours looks like a mess, the first thought is that the house looks like that on the inside. Refresh your lawn and plan on reseeding or laying new sod about 4 weeks before putting it on the market. Any grass needs time to grow and look the part for the photography. If you prefer to go with California Native landscaping, you'll need to plan for that as well and find a professional to help you and pick out plants. Add color where you can and mix some new with the mature to balance things out when it comes to plants. Another great way to add color is to choose colorful pots for plants to put on the front porch.

2. Paint the exterior of your home

You’d be amazed at how a new coat of paint can completely transform the look of your home. Consider it an investment. Last year, the average amount it cost to paint the exterior of a house was between $3,000 to $4,000. That’s a small cost that can add big value onto your home. It all depends on the size of your home and if painters have to use scaffolding for a two plus story home or not. This will obviously drive up the cost the larger the home you have. If it's been 10 plus years since you've painted and things look faded or chipped everywhere around the window seals, then it probably needs to be done. If you house doesn't need to be repainted consider power washing it get all the dust and grime removed.

3. Paint the interior too

If you have that house where every room is a different color and you love bold colors, then you should probably paint the entire interior while you're at it. Don't forget the closets. A fresh coat of paint is like a breathe of fresh air when buyers walk into a house. Fix any baseboards that need to be replaced and ensure they are painted with a nice clean Swiss Coffee color for example to add contrast. Don't forget the worn areas on the kitchen cabinets close to the sink. Do touchups or hire a handyman to re-stain the cabinet doors that need some love.

4. Wax all wood flooring or re-finish - Carpet is ok

If you have wood flooring in your home, make it shine! If you have damaged sections of flooring, have a hardwood flooring company come out to try and match and replace those sections. If you have carpet in your home and wood flooring is underneath, consider pulling up the carpet and showcase the beautiful wood. Some buyers today like carpet in bedrooms, but not in the main living spaces and hallways.

5. Replace kitchen/bathroom hardware & doorknobs

Do you have door handles that stick or make funny noises, make some adjustments using a can of WD-40. If every door knob is you home is different, then strongly consider replacing them all to match throughout the home. Kitchen & bathroom hardware can really make a statement in the, so replace handles that are damaged and adjust any that are lose. If the handles are from 1980 then definitely get the latest versions on the market.

6. Grout, tile, cocking,!

The kitchen sink and bathrooms always needs some touching up. Buyers look at cracks in grout and tile and automatically think water is leaking and getting into places it shouldn't. If your grout is discolored, have it cleaned or completely replaced to make it look fresh again.

7. Revive the lighting in your home

Do you still have florescent lighting in your kitchen or bathrooms? If you do, add canned lighting ASAP and remove all that florescent goodness! Make sure to dust all the light fixtures carefully and change out burnt lightbulbs to ensure maximum light. You can find some inexpensive lighting fixtures a local hardware stores, but make sure you select lighting that is consistent just like your interior paint.

8. Make your home less personal

Homebuyers don’t want to see your family photos on the wall; they want to envision their own there. Before your home shows, take down all photos and personal decor, including personalized names, college degrees, collectibles, etc. Replace all those family photos on the wall with artwork to brighten up the space. Your home is now an asset, so treat it like a business.

9. Put your toiletries away

People who come through your home will definitely be opening your drawers and cupboards to get an idea of how much storage space your home has. They don’t want to find your personal toiletry items. Go ahead and pack up things you don’t use or need immediately, then store items like toothbrushes, makeup, and feminine products in a convenient box that you can either take with you when your home shows or store in an out-of-the-way place. Don't leave wet towels hanging to dry on the towel bar in the bathroom, just go ahead and pop them in the washer and hang fresh towels.

10. Shape of your pantry

Deep clean your pantry and organize it so that it doesn’t look like the kids just ravaged through it for a snack. The kitchen is the #1 seeing point for a lot home buyers. If your kitchen doesn't have much storage space, it's vital to clear out the cabinet clutter and keep four plates on a shelf vs. twenty. Many homes don't have proper pantries in LA, so using cabinet space is the way to go. If you are stocking up for the next earthquake, take all that excess food to a family or friends house to store it until your home sells.

11. Organize and simplify

The word de-clutter is overly used, so we like to say simplify your space. Less is truly more when it comes to appearance of a room. Imagine a family of four walking your home together and going form room to room, can they navigate without running into oversized furniture? A small bedroom with a king sized bed makes a room seem small and buyers have a hard time imaging their furniture in your space. Make it easy for them and put all that excess stuff in a storage unit or rent a POD storage container until your home is sold.

12. Deep clean...please!

Buyers love to open up refrigerators for some reason and when they see a fridge that hasn't been cleaned in a year, it's an immediate turn off. Hire professionals to help you the few days prior to an open house to clean everything top to bottom, inside drawers, baseboards, garage, outside, windows inside and out, etc. If your house looks and smells cleans buyers can walk into your home a relax and hang out for awhile and image where they will put their TV and then you have them!

13. Last minute touches

Go out and buy a nice welcome mat to put on the front porch and add a few small floral arrangements around the house to add color and a sense of comfort to the space.

As your agents, we provide you with extra tips and advise on what to do to prepare your home for potential buyers. Our experienced team will be ready to assist you with all the professional referrals you need get your home SOLD for top dollar. When it's time to buy or sell....LEYVA to us!

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