De-clutter, Refresh, Renew this Spring

We get it: Not everyone is a devout follower of Marie Kondo like we are. But even if de-cluttering sparks zero joy for you, it could do a great deal for your mental well-being. De-cluttering your space can be a key ingredient in de-cluttering your mind. By creating an environment where things are in their place and easy to find when we want or need them can help us feel more safe and relaxed. Start by joining us April 27th for our annual Culver City Garage Sale Extravaganza and pass your past into someone else's future!

It’s human nature to fill the spaces we have, but we would argue it’s unnatural to have every space jam-packed with possessions we don’t want or need. Ever wonder why staged homes and the big reveals on home-improvement shows have minimal clutter on shelves and surfaces? Because not only does it look fresh, clean and beautiful, the effect is calming.

Numerous studies have shown that organizing reduces anxiety and stress and helps improve mental and physical health. It can also save you time and increase your productivity. Physical clutter and an overabundance of possessions to manage, organize and clean prohibits us from doing other more fulfilling projects. Our clients often blame a move from a small apartment to a larger house in explaining how their clutter got out of control — as though it happened without their involvement. And while that’s obviously not the case, we understand and empathize with their predicament.

Once kids come in the picture, a house can be easily overtaken by toys, books, and all that fun stuff! Having your kids start off at an early age by learning to organize and the power of donating is great for the entire family. Giving them the ability to choose their own clothes in the morning and being able to see all the options in the drawer makes them feel so empowered and they don't have to ask their parents where things are all the time.

When people move into a larger space, we tell them they shouldn’t feel compelled to fill every space immediately. And we advise clients not to run out and buy everything they’ve ever dreamed of having just because they now have the space to store it. You don’t need to go out and buy multiple sets of linens just because you finally have a linen closet. And, more importantly, it’s better to have an empty shelf or two to give you room to grow in the years ahead.

In fact, one of the best times to closely consider your possessions and how you use your storage space is during a move. There’s nothing that makes you hate your stuff more than packing it all up! Once you’ve unpacked and put things in their designated spots, it is much harder to take them out and rethink whether you actually need them. A transition is the best time to start fresh and embrace having a few empty drawers, cabinets and shelves.

Even when things are neatly stored, having a jam-packed home causes emotional strain. “Out of sight, out of mind” is a fallacy. You may not see all the items in your garage or attic every day, but their mere existence can affect your productivity, mood, physical health and social life. Your home represents who you are and what you aspire to be!

So this spring, try to live with a few empty spaces. Start small, with a single bookshelf, the surface of your coffee table, or your kitchen counter. It might feel awkward initially, but the value of those spaces will become more appealing and clear over time, and eventually make you feel less overwhelmed, more in control and more thoughtful about your possessions. Clear the clutter, clear your mind. If you need help, we have a professional organizer that will come to your home and help you tackle the tasks and help you create a new normal.

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