Getting your home trick-or-treat ready

Making the annual trip to stock up on candy at a big box store is a necessity in our neighborhood. Every year, we average between 500-600 trick-or-treaters and it's a big deal! Our experience of all the kids coming door-to-door of all ages has taught us a few things that we'd like to share with you. Halloween is fun for the kids and it should be safe as well, so let's talk about how to prepare your home and family.


Without a doubt, kids are excited and will race to your door and they will come in groups. When several little ones are all trying to squeeze onto your stairs at the same time, that can be a major trip and fall hazard. If you expect a lot of trick-or-treaters like we do, it might be worth just camping out on your porch or in front of your house to pass out the candy and eliminate your worry about anyone getting hurt. Sidewalk crack and tree roots can also be an area of concern. One idea is to tape off the section using caution tape to re-route the flow of traffic away from the risk area. It's always better to be safe.


Lighting is a big deal as well. Kids are going from house to house with varying degrees of lighting, decorations, music, etc, so it's over stimulating, especially for the very little kids. Ensuring that the pathway lighting is in place, and if possible, leave your porch light on to make approaching your home more inviting and safe. If your porch is rather dark and surrounded by plants and shrubs, you may want to invest in some inexpensive Halloween string lights.


Many Halloween decorations used are rather flammable, such as hay and items made of paper. While it might seem like a good idea to put a candle inside your beautifully carved jack-o'-latern, please don't! A nice tea light LED battery operated candle will do the job and cut your risk of a fire done to none. Also, don't use candles to light pathways either. Many costumes are oversized and can drag on the ground, which makes it hard for kids to see where they are going and what areas to avoid.


If you're like us, we have our dog dress up for Halloween, but it only lasts an hour tops, before she manages to get the costume off. While it might seem like a good idea to have your dog outside with you to enjoy the nights activities, it can really scare your pet. The energy level of every kid differs and some are genuinely frightened of animals, so for the safely of everyone, perhaps storing your pets in a quiet safe area of your home, might be a great idea.

Having fun with your kids and seeing all the costumes is so much fun, so we hope you all have a happy and safe Halloween and don't forget your kids flashlight or glow sticks for them to use while crossing streets. Many drivers get distracted by the amount of people out that night and don't pay attention like they should. Lighting your kids is equally as important as lighting your house for the big night.

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